Chaos ‘verse - And then there came a day when Rose said she was having a baby.
Thirteen Series Part 01 and Part 02 - Unrelated Doctor/Rose fics posted during season 3 and 4.
Barcelona - This is the general order of events that circle around the idea that Rose was lying on the beach in Doomsday. It was all started by those three words, ‘and the baby’.
The Process of Becoming - “Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.”
Alice - Stories, drabbles, etc. about the Doctor’s daughter.
Rapture - A series of short stories exploring the relationship between Rose and the 10th Doctor.
War Widow - Post-Doomsday, slight AU. Rose isn’t a war widow but its the closest words can come to the truth.
Windows - After the Doctor says goodbye, Rose has to live in another world. This series of vignettes explores the different ways her life might have turned out.
Feeling Eletric - He knows from experience that the unnatural silence that settles over the room when the bell jingles can mean only one thing: a hot girl has entered the comic book store…
Lost - This was born out of the idea that being so close to Rose in “Partners in Crime” left some vague impression on the Doctor’s brain. And on all the discussion about the Doctor’s song ending.
Miles to Go - And it’s all here for you, as long as you choose to stay. It’s all here for you, as long as you don’t fly away.
Incompatible - What happens when alien hormones bring the Doctor and Rose together?
Legacy of the Bad Wolf - When they said goodbye at Bad Wolf Bay, both the Doctor and Rose seemed to forget the message that would lead them home, but Bad Wolf did not. Follows the events that reunite Rose with the human John Smith in 1913 and her later travels with the Doctor.
Not So New New - People must grow old; love shouldn’t. The Doctor and Rose, together forever - her forever, at least.
Less Than Dignified Escapes - Through a series of adventures where aliens attack and clothing goes mysteriously missing, the Doctor and Rose find themselves seeing a lot more of each other than expected.
The Language Lessons - Rose teases the Doctor, and the Doctor responds. Emphatically.
Bump!verse - She waddles over, best she can, and swats him on the arm. “Your bloody fault, you know.”
Pocket!verse - The Doctor learns there may well be a higher authority.
DoctorDonnaRose’verse - The Doctor, Donna and Rose travel together in the TARDIS.
Morons ‘verse - AU from LotTL where the Master survives to travel on the TARDIS with the Doctor.
What if - A series of short, unconnected stories, drabbles, and ficlettes about all the what ifs that could happen in the new series.
Crossroads - They’re scattered across the universe, but you’ll probably never see one. They represent what doesn’t exist; they represent what might have happened; they represent a chance or a choice, depending on your point of view. But should you ever see a crossroads, and you wonder about that other path…if you’re the Doctor and Rose, this is what you’d do.
Bubble of Denial - After the discovering of an odd alien device, Rose, tired of waiting for the impossible, decides to take her destiny into her own hands.
Hope ‘verse - Sometimes you find something you hadn’t known you’d lost.
Skinned knees ‘verse - They read the book on the lawn in front of the library and he talks about sand and monkeys and zebras for an hour. Later it’s Morocco, Alaska, France, Argentina, the moon.


Chrysalis - The Doctor arrives in the nick of time to save Rose and her Alternate Earth, but crossing the Void has wiped his memory and cost him a regeneration. Rose struggles to come to terms with how different the Doctor is in this new incarnation. It’s almost as though he were a different man. But, that’s impossible, isn’t it? The Doctor is, after all, the last of the Time Lords. (WIP)
CloistersThe TARDIS is dying. She forces the Doctor to make an emergency landing on the planet Ruul. With no cure readily available, all Rose and the Doctor can do is try to settle down and build a new life.
Don’t Blink What if Rose stayed with the Doctor through Doomsday? What if she was the one who ended up stuck in 1969 with him? (WIP)
Love and TimeRose and the Doctor question the meaning of love and time.
New FamiliarHe had changed, and she couldn’t presume that he even remembered the closeness they had shared before. He was a different person now, and surely his feelings had changed, too.
Second Time Around - Rose and the Doctor are hiding in 1913, but what if a normal human accident got in the way of their plan? Rose has to hide herself in the past with a man who both is and isn’t the Doctor.
Simmer Dim - With the events of Doomsday just a distant memory, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith make a discovery that they cannot leave alone. But what they find will take Rose on a journey she never expected. Will she come to terms with what she’s faced with, or will the carefully constructed life she’s built for herself come crashing down?
Smith and Tyler - After nearly being separated forever at Canary Wharf, the Doctor and Rose find themselves investigating the Royal Hope Hospital in London. But when the Doctor ends up on the moon and Rose is left on Earth, will they be separated for good this time?
Take the Left - There were two levers in the Ghost Shift Room: one on the left, the other on the right. The Doctor took the lever on the left. Years later, a Fortune Teller on Shan Shen gives him the opportunity to choose again. Consequences? You bet.
Scratching the Itch - Her mum had always told her that blokes had only one thing on their minds, but this was taking it to an entirely new level.
To Dream a Life - John Smith is a teacher who dreams of a life travelling time and space with an elusive beautiful woman called Rose. He’s content with the stories he writes, and he’s falling in love with the school’s Matron. Rose Tyler is a traveller who dreams of a life with the Last of the Time Lords, whom she happens to love. Rose finds a way back to him across the Void only to find the love of her life changed into John Smith, hiding from the Family who are after his blood.
The Way We Were - What if the bride had been Rose, and she’d been as baffled as Donna?
My True Love Gave To Me - Christmas is a time for getting your heart’s desire. Sometimes, the gift you truly want most can’t be wrapped in pretty paper and bows. Sequel We Two Have Run.
Still Time - In a universe without the Doctor, Rose has to fight her worst foe yet—one that uses her own fears against her.
The Voyage of Alternatives - A cruise liner acquires a stowaway. The lounge singer doesn’t know what to make of him when he knows her name and refuses to let go of her hand. Rose Tyler has never seen this “Doctor” fellow before. Has she?
Synonyms - She held her breath, waiting for his questions, but none came. Instead, he rolled closer, towards her, and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her snugly against him.
Sub Rosa - After Doomsday, Rose is living in Pete’s World, but things aren’t as great as the Doctor had hoped for her or her family.
To Have And Not To Hold - The Sacred Flame of the Sisterhood of Karn has failed. Will the Doctor once again be able to put things right? Rose soon finds herself in over her head as she learns a few secrets about her traveling companion.
Lust and Monsters - The Doctor and Rose find it difficult to confront their changing relationship when constantly interrupted by alien threats.
Façade - He knows she’s fine, but just knowing it isn’t enough. The only thing that’s going to work is seeing her for himself again.
Uncensored - Her name falls from his lips like a plea for mercy.
Enough -  After the events of The Girl in the Fireplace, Rose, Mickey, and the Doctor think about how much is enough.
Human Nature -  What if Rose had been with the Doctor when he met the Family? And what if they went to Rose’s time, instead of 1913? And what if the Chameleon Arch didn’t take away his memories?
Inertia - Every body perseveres in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight ahead, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by forces impressed. 
The Scientist - There is only one photograph left from their wedding- all the others, she told him, were lost when they moved from the apartment. He can barely remember that apartment; just the sensation of the neon lights from the deli across the street, glowing green and blue through the bedroom windows at all hours, soaking into his eyelids and coloring his skin.
Living This Life Day After Day - After losing the TARDIS, the Doctor and Rose must make a life for themselves on the slow path. AU from the middle of The Satan Pit.
The Means - He has the means, she has the will. What follows is not just a combination of the two, but a lesson on how different Time Lords really are from humans. And a lesson for them both that not everything goes according to plan.
Bloom - But we also plant gardens in order to leave a reminder of ourselves. To say, ‘I was here, and this will be here after I go’. The Doctor and Rose grow closer during a stay in 1930s Britain. 
Haven 123. He wasn’t sure why he’d suddenly decided, earlier, to throw caution to the wind. 
Synonyms - She held her breath, waiting for his questions, but none came. Instead, he rolled closer, towards her, and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her snugly against him. 
The Bits In Between - What could have happened after the episodes and during the parts we didn’t see.
The Road Not Taken - The grass is always greener in somebody else’s universe. Companion piece: Five Memories the Doctor Never Lived.
Quadrophobia - Rose has her work cut out for her when the Doctor becomes a split personality - ones which don’t always get along. Some that only want to get along with her!


One-shots, Ficlets and Drabbles

A Thousand LanguagesRose thought she knew how it would be when it happened, but things are rarely as we imagine them.
Nine Moments That Lead To Forever She’s heard a million metaphors for life before. 
Quiet LifeHe activates the controls and wonders if he’ll ever have the courage to choose another life for himself.
Nobody Gets Left Behind - “Lilo and Stitch,” he declares, with such a self-congratulatory tone you’d think he animated every frame himself. “All the Elvis we could possibly want, and we never have to leave the den.” 
Star Dust -We’re star dust, you and me. All of us, star dust.
Young Enough
His Lolita of the stars.
A million minus one
He told her there were a million ways to kiss in the universe.
Take the Next StepThey get married in Las Vegas, 1974, as drunk as you can get and with the Doctor singing loudly like he had that time in France (or was it the fifty-first century? It all gets confusing after so much vodka. The priest wears a silver, tinfoil covered flat hat, and he says it was in preparation from when the aliens would come and pick him up.
This House Is Not For SaleThe house was smallish, yellow, and appeared to stand at a slight tilt. 
House Rules - Black lace knickers, black push-up bra, and black motorcycle boots. He’s sensing a pattern here.
From the Outside Looking In - Maybe there was someone for everyone, after all. 
Inevitable - He is a Time Lord, and he has a time machine. It was inevitable really that at some point he would go searching for her. He knows he shouldn’t but that doesn’t stop him. 
Perfect…but not quite - She wasn’t the Doctor’s perfect Rose, but she was John Smith’s perfect Joan. But even then, as he sat there kissing her, he couldn’t keep the dreams of a different kiss from his mind, and again he couldn’t stop that lingering thought from creeping in.
Dreams & Memories, Memories & Dreams - John Smith is an ordinary man who dreams of extraordinary things. But reality and dreams are about to collide and the impossibe just might be possible after all.
Never Occurred - It never occurred to the Doctor that his John Smith persona would find love in 1913, and Martha knows the reason why.
Pits of Hell, Longings and the Technical Aspects of Kissing a Time Lord - It some ways it was laughable. Probably imminent death, the Doctor had let her kiss him, kissed her back and now he was about to take a little jaunt to Hell. Literally. Brilliant.
Symmetry - The Doctor reveals why he loves the human body so much, complete with his trademark ‘practical’ demonstrations.
The Rules - What if he had nothing, would he risk everything? Set post-Doomsday, kind of.
Absent Fathers - She was different. Her mother had explained the reason when she had been very small and Alice had nodded in quiet acceptance.
Total Eclipse - The jeweller wrinkled her nose as she turned the key over in her palm.
Translations - There are some things the TARDIS doesn’t translate, and some secrets of the Doctor’s left unexplained. Rose is setting out to find out why.
Valentine Roses - Wherein a holiday missed leads to questions, then more, even if it doesn’t exactly go according to plan.
When the Clock Stops - Many millennia and thousands of light-years away, the clock in Jackie Tyler’s kitchen ticked away, inexorably counting the hours, minutes and seconds that governed Rose Tyler’s life. Sequel: The Epilogue.
Zombie Pumpkins from Outer Space - Well, what else do you do at a drive-in?
Awkward - A missing scene that takes place after the Tardis is lost in The Impossible Planet but before the Doctor goes down to the Beast’s pit. I was curious when Rose learned what she’d done at the Gamestation, and the difference in their interaction after the Satan Pit gave me an idea — always dangerous!
A Universe of Possibility - As a storm approaches, the Doctor muses on his relationship with Rose.
Of Human Emotions - They identify us, they define us, they can change us; emotions have a power that can affect everyone, from nineteen-year-old girls to all-powerful Time Lords.
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Park - In the middle of summer, the Doctor and Rose relax in the park and listen to an outdoor concert. Well, listen is probably the wrong verb.
The Storm Inside - ”There’s something missing,” he says after a moment. “Something just out of reach.”
Caught You - What they’re doing in reality is completely innocent. But in her mind, they might as well be shagging right there.
Impossible - She’s always walking away.
Scream Into Empty Night - Rose was beginning to learn what home was; and it was terrifyingly beautiful.
You’ll Learn Not to Breathe - Yeah, maybe she would buy it just to stare at it. No harm in that.
A Very Hospitable Species - “Are you trying to say you took me to an orgy? By accident?”
In The Dark - It’s not the most comfortable position, curled up on the narrow sofa with the Doctor curled around her, but Rose wouldn’t move for the world.
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia - The Doctor and Rose in the immediate aftermath of Krop Tor.
That’s how it could have happened - “Rose,” he continued firmly, “I never invited her to stay. It would’ve been one last present from that man who first popped up in her fireplace when she was a little girl and saved her from some monsters. And then it would have been goodbye.”
Deglazing - Rose decides to introduce The Doctor to a special treat and ends up with more than she bargained for. Set between Fear Her and Army of Ghosts.
Coaster Castles (And Other Sturdy Defenses) - He’s only a bloke in a bar, but he’s a bloke in a bar who needs her.
The Underpinnings of Skin - Somehow, it’s difficult to not be holding her.
An Ordinary Day - A sneak peek into an ordinary day in the life of Rose Tyler.
Dreams - Rose is apparently capable of many things in her sleep. Sequel: Reality.
Shoes - Seeing the tiny yellow booties next to his and Rose’s shoes is what did it. His eyes had widened and he had dropped down next to the pallet to pick up the tiny shoes. Then for good measure, he picked up one of Rose’s shoes and held them side by side for comparison.
Miss Tyler’s Gentleman Correspondent - Just a silly Regency romance.
The Floating Bridge of Dreams - The Doctor and Rose in Heian-era Japan. Wooing and demonic possession ensue.
All I Have - A Doomsday what-if, written for the Time in Flux Ficathon.
A Girl Like You’s Just Irresistible - Rose Tyler is amazing. He has this thought often. It’s a good thought. 
An Awfully Big Adventure - Everyone grows up, everyone leaves home, and all adventures must come to an end. 
Dreams Aren’t What They Used to Be - Something was waiting for her out there in the solar system and she would find it.
Girls’ Night In - Rose needs some time off from the running, but the Doctor thinks it’s something more.
Just Say “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” - The Doctor makes a convincing argument. 
Just You - The Doctor and Rose take a walk on a sweet summer night. 
Meteor Shower - ”I am not my own, for I have been made new.”
Strawberry Rain - The next thing she knows, she’s got a wet Time Lord in her bed.
The Urge to Fall - ”Do you feel that, Rose?” he asked.
What’s Broken Can Always Be Fixed - …all he can think about is she kissed him and now she’s pretending she didn’t.
You’re So Worthy - It’s not enough, but it’s all she can offer him. 
Into the open - They shut the door and stroll back up the ramp, walking backwards, kissing idly, not wanting to hurry. “Doctor,” she says, “take me somewhere.” She puts her hand over his as he spins the dial, and the whole world hums between their skin.
And Dismantle the Sun - Can Rose adjust to normal life when her life had been anything but normal? 
In Between - "Doctor," Jack tried again. "What is this, ‘My Littlest Companion’?"
Through the little blue gate - It’s a place of wonder, and there she can forget what she is, the life she leads. And it’s worth all the beatings in the world—every single time.
Calendar Days - On the third day, Rose and the Doctor almost kissed again. Several times, in fact.
Forever Mine - The way it SHOULD have happened.
Breakfast and Gravity - Sometimes it felt like everything in the universe was trying to pull them apart. Like together they were some kind of planet, sitting beneath a black hole and there was a force or law of nature a million miles away trying to drag them into it.
Getting Even - "Here we are on Moharax, in the Cleonid Twelve star system, located parallel to the galactic axis of the M64 cluster, on the edge of the Canes Venatici I Cloud, and we are going in search of yanna root. Coming?"
After the Year of Living Dangerously - How do you live after you’ve almost lost everything?
Travelers without Map or Compass - With the Doctor, everything is a bit of an adventure.
The Troubles of Domestic - When the TARDIS breaks down in 30th century New York City, the Doctor learns that there is trouble, and salvation, in living the domestic.
Forever is a Gift - The TARDIS has decided it’s Christmas—and there’s a box under the tree for Rose.
Time Lord Science - The Doctor runs a few science experiments on the TARDIS with a small assistant.
So You Caused a Potentially Life-Altering Paradox - Sometimes it’s the temptations you didn’t even realise were there that can impact your life the most.
Untitled - The Doctor knows that at some point Rose Tyler will die. It’s a fact, hard and cold and impersonal, the same as some throwaway line about the intricacies of the solar system, the inevitability of time moving forward.
Light Touch - 
"That was really excellent champagne," Rose giggled, attempting to walk on him as they staggered into the TARDIS.
 - The thing about the Doctor this time ‘round — the really, really distracting thing — was how much he was enjoying this body.
Oh, She Knows - "So, on Krop Tor, Ida told me that you said my name …"
A Smile Spoiler - She’s seen him devastated; she’s seen him driven; she’s seen him euphoric with adventure. She’s seen him sad; she’s seen him content; and she thought she had seen him happy. Until today.
Poppies - Rose reflects on how her monthly visitor affects her relationship with the Doctor.
Her Smile - He loves to see her smile.
A Promise of Forever - Forever is a promise the Doctor intends to keep. On New Year’s, the Doctor and Rose visit London where he seals the promise of forever with a ring.
A Bad Case of the Flu - Rose gets the flu. 
Love is the beauty of the soul - She raises him from slumber, like a demon, veiled by the dark side of the midnight sky.
It’s never a farewell - A girl like this he’s never known, never lost so completely and utterly as he does now, with only the opening of his eyes.
Unexpected - The hands cupping the back of her head were firm but gentle, allowing freedom yet restraining excess movement. They moved slowly through her hair, long fingers tangling with blonde strands, while keeping firm the best angle for maximum effect.
Almost Enough - They lie tangled together, afterwards, heat from their bodies conspiring with heat from the sun overhead to make them sleepy and sticky and slow.
Candy and Confounds - Without his sight, all other sensation was elevated, and he was acutely aware of her every tiny movement next to him and of each and every millimetre where her body pressed against his, radiating heat into all sorts of places that were quite warm enough, thank you.
Encyclopaedia of Sand - Just a fluffy, smutty day at the beach. 
Fall - Their first kiss is memorable, could have been fantastic if not for the minor head wound, which bleeds quite a bit more than Rose would have expected.
Northern Lights - He swears, later, this wasn’t why he brought the sleeping bag.
Reprieve (Rest for the Wicked) - He’s drunk on her, tonight.
Second Star to the Right - It’s the perfect position for a quick cuddle and a pleasant reminder of all the very many perfect ways he’s found for his body to fit against hers these last few weeks.
Stuck - And there’s that feeling again, the two of them falling through space, anchored only by the press of their fingers and palms.
Such Great Heights - You know, it’s rather an interesting phenomenon.
Sweet Dreams - She wonders idly when this bed became so very comfortable, then she registers arms wrapped around her, weight of a warm body against hers.
Thermoregulation - A chilly Scottish hillside and no TARDIS in sight. However will Rose and the Doctor keep warm?
Three Sheets - She grinned cheekily up at him. “Doctor, is that a sonic screwdriver in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
Doppelganger - Donna enjoys Secret Diary of a Call Girl. What will the Doctor think? 
Pillow Talk - The Doctor needs to find a new source of information regarding the art of seduction. 
Happy ChristmasRose awakes to find an…unusual…breakfast.
Deeper Connection - Rose is staying at Jackie’s; the Doctor misses her enough to try something new.
In My Dreams - His eyes were wide and dark, so very dark, filled with the emotions he’d never quite managed to say out loud. “I’m going to come for you.”
Pockets - "Why is it that every time we’re arrested and thrown in jail, they always know enough to take your sonic screwdriver, and yet they never think to check your pockets?"
Star-gazing - Rose misses her family in the parallel universe. The Doctor helps give her a connection, of sorts.
Hope - A storm was coming—a great maelstrom, a hurricane of galactic proportions, and its fury would rip Rose away from him. He knew it. He could feel it.
Mortgages - A discussion of domestics has turned into a demonstration of the, er, happier side of domesticity.
Melancholy - Loneliness gets to the best of us, but sometimes, the universe has exquisite timing.
Pillow Talk - ”When did you bring me that bicycle?” she repeated. “The red one. You told me you had. When was it?”
All I Want for Christmas - The Doctor and Rose have, for once, a quiet day out, filled with memories, hand-holding, and general fluff. And about time, too.
Long-Distance Travel - Rose’s morning commute is interrupted by a very familiar face.
Five Ways Rose Knew the Doctor Loved Her, and One Way He Told Her
Never Alone - The TARDIS knows that the Doctor’s never truly mourned Gallifrey, so she takes things into her own—er, hands? Or, rather, Rose’s.
If You Love Someone - Post-Journey’s End, the Doctor goes to a familiar spot to think.
A Different Blend - Post ‘Christmas Invasion’ fluff with babbling, a ridiculous amount of oranges, and tea of course. Sequel: The Effects of Apple Grass 12
Just Two - Written from the prompt “Jackie accidentally gives the Doctor aspirin.”
A Memory in the Making - “There’s this split second of time, in which you’re born, and you haven’t yet taken a breath. The whole world is laid out before you, reams of possibilities, and the moment you open your mouth and taste the air, it’s gone. You only take your first breath once.” Once in a very great while, you get to witness a memory being made.
Romance in Books - Romance as shown in books is highly overrated. Post-porn.
Vivo Fortis - He doesn’t tell anybody he’s looking, but he is.
Wrong Hand - “Not a wedding ring!” he says brightly. “Very definitely not a wedding ring!”
Three Olives - She turns towards him and, satisfied he has her attention, he looks down, eyes crossing, and pulls at his collar. “Do you like my chest hair?”
The Science of Attraction - “What is it with men and breasts?”
Sleeping Arrangements - “I don’t see why you get the couch and I’m stuck with the floor.” Sequel: Insomnia.
Puppy Love - “Before you know it, it’ll be ‘Oh, Doctor can’t we keep him?’ and the blasted thing will turn out to be pregnant and have kittens and then where will we be? Swamped under a mountain of furry little runts, poopin’ all over the console room and chewing on my ties!”
Exposed - “We’re both adults – consenting adults, I might add. I definitely consented and I’m pretty certain Rose consented – in fact, you’d have probably heard her consenting if you really were standing outside the room a few minutes ago.”
Survivor - “What happened here?” she asks, stumbling over debris in her rush to catch up to him. He doesn’t look at her, eyes fixed forward as he marches onwards. “There was a war.”
Absolutes - There’s something in the air. Something coming. A storm’s approaching. Last of the Time Lords - “Look at you,” he says. “The last of the Time Lords, wrapped up in a human shell.”
Gaps - “Where the hell have you been?” she asks, arms still loosely wrapped around his waist. “I take it you missed me then, eh?”
Seduction - “I know what you’re trying to do,” he says. “Don’t think I don’t.”
Chicken - “What are you, Doctor?” she asks, leaning in so close he can feel her breath against her cheek. “Chicken?”
Sometimes in Dreams - Sometimes he dreams.
A Day in the Life - Rose turns, her cleverly constructed retort dying on her lips as she stares, slack jawed, at her own face.
Paradox - It’s lying in pieces in front of him; the answer – maybe it’s not the one he’d been looking for, not even close, really, but it’s an answer all the same. Sequel: Paradox Regained.
Castle in the Sky - His teeth clench and he grinds out her name.
Blueberry Cardigan - She grins at him. “They’re seriously trying to feed me clothes?” “Well… it’s more like you’re wearing their food.”
Unforgettable - He sees her face everywhere.
Bad Wolf Bay - “You look older,” she finally says, somewhere around eight, “got more of those little wrinkles around your eyes.”
The Clothes That Make The - He thinks she might suspect, but she doesn’t challenge him; never does. He figures that’s only fair, really, since he never complains all those times they accidentally leave his tie on.
Comfortable - There’s nothing new about the way he moves and there’s nothing new about the sounds she makes.
Snapshots - Coloured pictures, he’d said, grinning at the couple next to him, amazing the things they could do with technology.
Oh She Knows - His last message to her.
And Splinter - He’s not sure how to react as she smiles at him. “Amazing what you can manage with a lot of willpower and some washed-up alien tech, don’t you think?”
Requests of the Last Kind - “Now really,” the Doctor says, shaking his head, “that’s not at all how last requests work.”
Alternatives - She’d say she’s chasing ghosts, if she had to put a name to it, but that’s part of the reason she doesn’t.
Love’s Labour Lost - “I think it’s-” Rose breaks off her sentence with a groan. She bends over, clutching her stomach. “Yeah, it’s definitely time.”
69 Ways Regeneration Can Go Wrong - His new hands long to do new things, new lips wait to speak new words, a new tongue waiting to taste and devour. (And yes, he concedes, he probably has a bit of an oral fixation this time around.)
Quite Often, I Dream - I dream I’m this… Adventurer. This… daredevil, a madman. ‘The Doctor’, I’m called. -~- She’s just an invention. This character. Rose, I call her. -~- Seems to disappear later on.
Imagination - He sees her sometimes, dancing on the periphery of his vision, and wishes - oh how he wishes - he could pretend it was more than just his imagination.
Glass Shards - It’s metallic against your tongue, bright red on your lips, and you hate that. You imagine you must look ridiculous, red, red, red everywhere, bleeding into the blue of your suit.
The This And The That - “It’ll just be sex - prayer. It’s how they pray. Just say ‘Oh God’ a lot - won’t be all that different from usual.”
Or Not - It’s more than just sex, except, of course, that it isn’t.
Why Mothers Don’t - “I don’t understand,” the Doctor mutters as he shakes his head, “why mothers never seem to like me.”
What’s Fair - Almost equals, they were - the way she loved him, the way he thought of her.
Always Too Late - It’s the first thing he notices, the little band of gold. All Washed Up - He pushes himself from under the console, glaring all the while because, surely, that’s better than staring.
That quiet part - ‘I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it. Rose Tyler…’
In words - Only human, his Rose, and they need that, the words. 
In another way - “I wouldn’t have you in any other way.”
A New Perspective - A fresh set of eyes, that’s all you need.
At The Start - It didn’t start how he’d imagined it would, though. No, not at all.
A Different Fit - She hitches a leg up, back of her heel pressing into his rear and urging him on and he groans, that fantastic vocabulary temporarily failing him as the angle changes. 
False Alarms - There’s no smoke and probably nothing at all to worry about, but that doesn’t stop the twenty-three people around them - nineteen of whom are from the bride’s side, thanks very much - from panicking as the staff herd them towards the exits.
Comparisons - “Don’t you think I’m even sexier now?”
Something Borrowed - He ignores Jackie, too busy frowning at the results of his scan. If everything fails, he’s going to need the practice.
Spring After Winter - Daisies after darkness.
Calling - ‘Cause he’s calling.
A New Use for Ties and Jeans - Another cell, yet not the same old outcome.
All I’ve Got - A moment for the Doctor to realize what he’s lost. And what he hasn’t. 
Between the Pages - They’re wrapped up in books.
Dreams Do Come True - Whether awake or dreaming, the Doctor and Rose want just one thing … Sequel: Breaking the News.
Try to Remember - Autumns across time and space.
Tied Together - Rose has a weakness. Sequel: Seeing Double.
A Random Act of Kindness - Just a small moment for Rose and the Doctor, involving ice cream, discussions of excellence, and the aforementioned random act of kindness.
The Meaning of Freedom - The Doctor and Rose take in the American Bicentennial. 
What You Say - The last time they’d been in Cardiff, the Doctor had worn a different face and both Mickey and Jack had been with them. Now, Mickey and Jack were gone, and as for the Doctor … Rose doesn’t want to go to Cardiff.
Wrapped Around Her Finger - It’s been a really long time since the Doctor ‘danced’ … Rose has a long night ahead of her. Sequel: So Caught Up in You.
Slipping Away - She knows something is wrong. 
Lies - Rose rationalizes lying to the Doctor.
Fixation - Rose and the Doctor have a few.
One Month - Getting to know the new Doctor.
Stolen - The Doctor reflects on what the Family has taken away from him.
White Noise - “Rose Tyler, you’ve lived all your life in London and you’re telling me you’ve never heard rain before?”
In the Cards - Rose, disturbed by dreams of the Doctor, gets a reading.
So in your dreams, whatever they be - “Is this a dream?” she asks. “Do you want it to be?”
Missing Pages - The Doctor examines the two missing pages from John Smith’s journal.
A Naughty Piece of Cake - “The atmosphere is a sort of augmenter – an inhibitor and, in some cases, a stimulant. Takes the senses that are there – tastetouchsmelletcetera and just sort of…flip-flops them.”
Lonely - “While they’re happy, they can feed off each others’ love. Without it, they’re lost.”
Gravity of the Situation - Rose realized almost immediately that a skirt is not the thing you want to be wearing in a zero-gravity situation.
Sunday - The Doctor tells Rose about his stint as a human.
Heat, and Love - How the drawing of the Olympic torch appeared next to that of the Doctor in Fear Her.
Good Fortune - “Meant to say before, thought now’s as good a time as any – carpe diem and all that.”
Lost and Found - “Why is the TARDIS hiding things from me?”
Volcano Weather - Venus, rain, volcanoes - the Doctor hasn’t forgotten how to show a girl a good time!
Prove My Love - Where once he found the words impossible to say, now the Doctor finds himself unable to stop saying them.
Of Inappropriate Announcements - Gosh, Rose and the Doctor are really happy to see each other again!
The best part of waking up…
Sex and Death - There’s only one time the Doctor could say his name. Well…two times.
It’s a Virtue - It’s around the fourth hour and she’s in his room when the hologram finds her.
How to Play the Piano in One Easy Lesson - Rose needs a hobby, and the Doctor takes a turn as a musical instructor.
Out of Touch (aka Don’t Shag or Die) - “Rather thoughtless, really. They might have at least added a libido suppressant while they were tinkering a way to turn all horny males into deadly weapons.”
Right Turn - Her life with the Doctor is a series of wrong turns, and she doesn’t know why she should be surprised at this one.
Let Down Your Hair - “Any story worth telling is worth embellishing a little, Rose, especially in these times.”
Warming Up (the Body Heat remix) - The TARDIS is freezing, and the Doctor is not.
Resolved Sexual Tension - Does what it says on the tin.
When in Rome - Set during The Stone Rose, the Doctor and Rose come to terms with the changes in their relationship since the regeneration. Sequel: Lady Luck
First Aid - After a brush with dangerous plantlife, the Doctor has to improvise to save Rose’s life.
Smiling Into the Darkness - On a night which was like any other, Rose wakes to find the Doctor in her bed.
Better Late Than Never - After the events of The Waters of Mars, the Doctor takes a detour.
Lessons - The Doctor gives Rose a driving lesson.
Imperfect Alignment - It’s established relationship porn. That’s really it.
Speechless - Rose and the Doctor hide from a monster. Sequel: Enjoy the Silence.
Everything - She’s doing it on purpose.
Contagious - Rose got sick on one of their adventures, while the doctor is a picture of perfect health. Annoyed by this, Rose is determined to pass her cold to him, no matter what it takes.
Louder Than Words - A quick stop back at Jackie’s turns into much more when the Doctor and Rose confront some recent unresolved tension.
Don’t Stand So Close To Me - Prior to the events of School Reunion, the Doctor and Rose confront the possibly scandalous implications of their familiarity with each other as they prepare for their undercover roles. UST ensues.
Progress (A First Time For Everything) - Stuck on Earth for the evening, the Doctor and Rose try something new for both of them.
All Better - The Doctor and Rose get stuck in an epic alien hailstorm and have to shelter somewhere dodgy and as a result have all the sex.
Uravelling  - There are things she doesn’t tell them. Things she shared with the Doctor that can’t be put into words, that are beyond the stories, the tales of adventures and near-deaths, and the stars. Sequel: The Last Great Adventure 
Ashes (Drabble, Rose)
Three Days - She thinks they were happy, she and Mickey, but it feels so terribly long ago.
Waiting for Heads to Roll - Ten and Rose on death row.
Faraway - The Doctor remembers.
Spinning - Rose gets attacked by a plant, which was really all an excuse to get doctorish Doctor, anyway.
New Everything - Rose adjusts to the regeneration. 
The North Wind Blows - In my dreams, she keeps walking away.
Tied Up - The Doctor comes up with a brilliant plan to keep Rose from getting into trouble.
Wee Bit Pissed - The Doctor and Rose try and get married. 
Fine Timing - Ten and Rose spend the night at Jackie’s. Well, they try to, at least. 
Just. Better. - Shmoopy reunion fic with kissing and licking, but not necessarily in that order. 
No Shagging in the TARDIS - The truth behind the Doctor’s self-imposed asexuality. 
Arctic Chill - The TARDIS lands in the Canadian North. Oops.
Moving in a Straight Line - He shoves Martha’s cell phone into a pocket, close enough not to feel guilty, deep enough so he won’t hear it ring. The TARDIS is quiet again. Like she was in those months after the Time War. Like after saying goodbye to Rose in Norway.
Hidden Shadows - It’s too late in her timeline, but Jack checks up on her anyway.
The Secret to Life, the Universe, and Everything - “The secret is to keep your Mummy happy.”
Chuck and Babs - The Doctor and Rose at a masquerade ball. 
Afternoon Kip - Hello, spastic and overly neurotic time traveling alien!
Untitled Reunion Ficlet - He began to wonder if she’d gone a bit mad in this universe.
A Bit Wet - The Doctor, Rose and a rainstorm.
Part of the Package - Rose wonders what will happen when she starts to age.
Round ‘n Round - Rose finds out about Jack.
Seven Things Rose Tyler Did After Being Reunited with the Doctor - Rose’s first seven days back.
Adjustments - Rose is back, but she finds that things are a bit more complicated than when she left.
Glimpse - Donna traces the worn edges; suddenly quite sure that she’s looking at a photograph of Rose.
New Habits - He grins at her. He can’t seem to stop. Grinning at Rose. It’s like how tea without two teaspoons of sugar isn’t tea at all. No day is a proper day without grinning at Rose.
A Moment of His Own - The Doctor goes back in time to say one last goodbye. 
Worth Another Moment - Ten and Rose get one last goodbye. 
Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot - “Did I ever tell you about that weird bloke who came up to me on New Year’s a few years back? It was right before we met.”
One Good Lie - He’s in a bar on the wrong side of town when he finally stops running. 
Stolen Kisses - What’s crossing universes after breaking the most fundamental rule of time travel? Nothing. 
Stolen - He was only supposed to look, that’s all.
Sometimes “Impossible” Is Just a Word - “Far as I know, you gotta have sex to get pregnant.” “Ooh,” he says. “We should do that.” 
The Contents of a Pocket - Martha finds something interesting in the Doctor’s pocket.
Lessons in Happiness - Five moments in the Doctor and Rose’s life post-reunion.
Hide and Seek - Silly night-time fluff with Rose and Ten. Lots of it. And a cameo from Jackie, because I couldn’t resist.
Heartbeats - Rose is lonely and Jackie is a source of comfort.
Sidelines - It’s a little over ten years before the impossible becomes the unlikely once again.
The Idiot’s Lantern - The Doctor sees Rose in her pink dress for the first time, and they finally get around to seeing Elvis.
Several Times The Doctor Couldn’t Say It (and, er, several more times he still couldn’t) - Telling someone you love them is a lot harder than it might first appear.
Background Noise - “Oh, go on,” Donna insists through the steam pouring from her mug of tea, seeing Rose beginning to sway. 
Some Sort of Time Lord Code (The Preamble Remix) - Donna and the Doctor discuss what happened to Rose.
A Hundred Thousand Worlds - And to think – you crossed entire universes, striding parallel to parallel to find him again…
Goodbye - What’s one last rule of time broken when you are minutes away from death?
The Path - Rose teaches the Doctor just how wrong he’d been.
Listen, Look and Learn - At first, the Doctor had been furious that the Wire had stolen Rose’s face and mind; livid that someone had dared to take her away from him. Now though, with her snuggled tightly against him and her skin underneath his lips, he lets his fear show.
Lessons of a Peculiar Nature - Ever curious, the Doctor questions Rose about the practice of naming sexual positions.
The Tie Thief - The Doctor’s ties are being stolen. To ensure their safe return, he’ll have to teach the thief how to tie them. Can he overcome certain naked distractions to do so?
Habitual Kisses - It was so domestic, so casual. It wasn’t like most of their kisses, it wasn’t particularly passionate or especially affectionate, it just was. She hadn’t meant to tease him with it, reward him with it, and arouse him with it. It was like a habit, like it was perfectly normal to kiss him, like she’d been doing it forever and would continue to do it.
The Friendly Campaign - The Doctor gets to meet his hero. It’s not a brilliant scientist, nor a prodigal musician, nor a gifted artist, but rather an Earthling with a simple, friendly goal.
Home Again - With Rose in the TARDIS once more, the Doctor decides it’s time to put everything back in its proper place; which means her shirt has to go back over the railing in the console room, even if she’s wearing it at the time.
What’s Mine Is Yours.- The Doctor comes up with a cunning plan on how best to ask Rose to move into his bedroom with him.
Stuck in Class - Faced with the threat of being slapped by Jackie, The Doctor is forced to accompany Rose to a birthing class. Hijinks ensue!
Lost and Found - This fic is an exploration into the notion of lost senses. I’ve temporarily rendered Rose blind and deaf. Fear not, it’s not cliched. It’s a look at how Rose would need to touch to feel safe and how the Doctor would go about making love to her in such a state. Until he can get her back to the TARDIS.
Of Realizations and Declarations. - When the true nature of the Doctor and Rose’s relationship is revealed in the most embarrassing of ways, the Doctor finds himself having to explain to Jackie Tyler just how much her daughter means to him
Practice Makes Perfect - Moving in with someone is always a bit of a hit and miss experience, but when one of you is a twenty-three year old human and the other is a nine hundred year old Time Lord, there’s a lot that can go wrong!
My Pocket Is Your Pocket - We all know that the Doctor’s pockets are bigger on the inside, but just what has Rose been secretly stashing in them.
Of Science and Sensation - The Doctor is a man of science, but sometimes scientific explanation and description can’t ever hope to do certain things justice. One of those things is making love to Rose Tyler.
Meet Me Anywhere - They’re close, they’re almost there, but then memory takes her and she freezes, stops still. It’s up to the Doctor to run the extra few feet, to reach her, to touch her, just as she did for him so many years ago.
Not Dreams But Memories - He does not dream of a life with her. He remembers a life with her.
Something Better Than Forever - Rose had always been brave, and now she can be brave for them both.
A Little Red London Phone Box - The Doctor can spend the rest of his life with Rose Tyler; she cannot spend the rest of her life with him. A story of overcoming unequal life-spans and loving two men who are the same, but so very different.
Elaboration - Oh yes, he wanted her. Sequel: At Light Speed.
Up Against - Another alley. Another rough wall. 
Of Inappropriate Awakenings - His instinct, the origin of which he probably shouldn’t dwell on, was to wake her. 
Conductive - His touch felt nothing short of heavenly. Like a cold flannel on feverish skin. 
Mad, Bad (The Auld Acquaintance Remix) - That first New Year’s Eve. The flip side of Shareen’s POV, and some of what she didn’t see. 
Dancing, Mid-night - Rose: doing the impossible in her sleep.
Preserve Your Memories - A stroll down snogging memory lane, if you like.
Surprises - “You’re not going to tell me?”
Because the Night - Terribly rude of us, as visitors, not to participate.
Guesswork - Who wears a suit to a pumpkin patch, anyway?
 Uncomplicated - They clutch each other tightly, like something might yet come between them. 
Dance - The dance floor was the perfect place to find a bit of anonymity, and a bit of release for her excess energy. 
In For a Penny - He knew now that if he shot her down it wouldn’t be because he wasn’t interested. He was. He might yet need a push, though—a clear, unambiguous signal that she wanted it too. 
Bind Me, Or Undo Me - Whatever happened (or didn’t happen), the journey was worth it. Sequel: Halcyon and On and On 1, 2.
Substantiation - He’s real.
Staying the Storm - What had him so frightened that he’d willingly tip-toe over a line that had been so carefully drawn between them? 
Warming Up - She knew him so well, his Rose. 
Home Comforts - The Doctor brings Rose home after Mickey stays behind in the alt!verse. What happens before they are happy-go-lucky would-be Elvis seeing time travellers again? 
He Plays with Threads - Rose and the Doctor take Mickey shopping.
Tall Tales - A discussion of deities and fine art. 
Things That Are Lost - A conversation Rose and the Doctor never had.
Days and Hours - “I don’t suppose,” she says, “that I could convince you this is all just a crazy dream?” 
Breeding - Pig Latin, giant bug people, and baby makes three!
Sins of the Flesh - A story in which the Doctor notices.
In the Mood - Rose and the Doctor have a strange day.
Incurable - Rose has a question. The Doctor might have an answer.
Mirrors - “Who would I be, do you think, if I hadn’t met you?”
Songs of Innocence and Experience - Amy Pond is twenty years old when she wakes in the middle of the night and sees a strange woman standing in her garden. 
No Need for a Signed Bit of Paper - ‘Rose?’ he said. ‘Would you mind terribly if I kissed you?’
Leaning Right - Rose and the Doctor talk about their forever, post reunion.
Time Crash - ‘Any time,’ said the older him. ‘Well, not any time. Fate of the universe and all that. Nice seeing you, anyway. Have a good trip back, remember to eat, cut your hair and for the love of all that is good in the universe: stop wearing that suit.’
Minty Fresh - One of the Tenth Doctor’s new personality quirks gets him in trouble with Rose.
Little Blue Pills - If you’d asked her a month ago to describe her ideal place to be, this would have been it. Inside the TARDIS, cuddled up in bed with the Doctor after a day of adventure. But she was having to face the truth of the matter: she really needed a shag.
Wandering Off - Rose is back and the Doctor comes up with a genius plan to stop her from wandering off.
All You Need - The Doctor’s having one of those days and it’s up to Rose to help.
A Relaxing Morning - Rose wanders off in the TARDIS. The Doctor reacts accordingly.
Moving In - A look at the life of the Doctor and Rose after he most definitely doesn’t move in with her. 
You Can’t - The walls close, and he doesn’t look for a way to rip them open.
Ourselves we find in the sea - “Have you been to a beach? All the families and the stray beach balls and the creatures in the water waiting to nibble on your squishy human toes and the sand, do you realize how hard it is to get sand out of things?”
Such Sweet Sorrow - It was going to sting, returning to an empty ship after seeing it so full.
The Challenge - The Doctor accepts a challenge in the bedroom; dirty-talking Ten and lots of it. 
Fear This - During the events of “Fear Her,” Rose tries to work out what it means to be in a relationship with the Doctor. 
A Spray of Stars - The Doctor and Rose find an intimate moment in an unlikely place. 
Fever Dreams - Rose gets sick, the Doctor takes care of her, fluff and smut eventually ensue. 
Tea and Conversation - The Doctor confides in Donna after being reunited with Rose.
The End of the World as We Know It - A surprise visitor from the altverse shows up in the middle of an apocalypse.
These Last Moments - Ten’s last moments before regeneration.
Missed You - Donna could come in any second,” she gasped from underneath him on the library sofa.
After 1879 - “I think you like this because it frees you up to talk,” Rose smirked, taking him into her mouth again.
After 1879, II - They were behind a large pillar in a royal palace, hardly sufficient cover.
Doctor Yes - “This?” Rose rejoined him in the library after her expedition to the wardrobe.
What Are You Wearing, Reunion - Three weeks.
Jealousy - “It was just a handshake!” Rose said, her voice high and indignant.
Never Pegged You for the Type - Rose gasped, pushing forward with her hips, and the strap-on stimulated her clit with surprising effectiveness.
Traditions - She never hears the sound of the universe any more.
Seeing Things - He’s supposed to be looking for Donna, not seeing imaginary faces in crowds.
Undiplomatic - “So it doesn’t bother you that we’re in jail again?”
Matched Pair - “We were sort of hopin’ for a favour…”
Unforgettable - He sees her face everywhere.
A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing - Rose Tyler, born 1986, died 2007. So how can she be alive and well in 2012?
Cataloguing - It’s not like I’ve ever just changed my entire body. Haven’t even had a nose job. So, you know, ‘m just wondering what it feels like, that’s all.
Cheating - Rose steals a glance at the Doctor out of the corner of her eye.
Sharing - Already her mind’s wandering to what they’re going to do; how they’re going to spend the night.
Everybody’s Talking  “That a crime or something? It’s New Year’s Eve. I just want to dance with my best mate.” Sequel: When The Talking Stops.
Beautiful - I mean, snow, it’s all wet and melty and boring. It doesn’t do anything. It just lies there and turns to slush.
Discoveries - “I’m crap at this, aren’t I?”
Impossible Odds  - He’s always liked impossible, hasn’t he?
Consume the Heart - Renewed, purged, consumed inside and out, replaced by this latest model, a phoenix risen from the ashes.   
Predictable - She knows the man he was. Does she know the man he is? A missing scene from The Christmas Invasion. Sequel: The New Man
Role-Model - “You’re the one standing there in… in… next to nothing, Rose! And have you been stealing things from my wardrobe?”
Obsession - “Where next? I know! Never did manage to take you to that Ian Dury concert, did I?”
Boudoir - It’s just a room, he tells himself.
Closure - Goodbye. It’s a word he never says.
Through the Barricades - So little time and so many lives remaining to be saved and this may be all they have.
To Be Continued - She never believes it’s over.  
In Another Universe - Some day, you could even touch it again. Sequel: Renewal
Before You Came - You follow, coat flapping at your heels, desperate to catch another glimpse of the unawaken wonder in her eyes. Sequel: Trip of a Lifetime.
Empty - His hand is empty.
Imagination - Really, he thought Rose had more imagination than that.
Fashion Sense - They both gain from his oral fixation, after all.
Avoidance Tactics - “Oi! What d’you think you’re doing, you alien pervert?”
Forevers - He loses them all eventually. Every one of them. 
Beach - Two people. A beach.Semper Abeo, Semper Par - There is no remedy for love but to love more.
No More Happily Ever Afters - Where have all the happily ever afters gone?
The Approaching Storm - A storm was coming.
Through the Night - He wants to know that he’s still awake and that this isn’t a dream. Sequel: Night After Night.
Sleepless  - It’s going to be a long night. 
Iced  - The potential for blackmail is endless.
Inevitable - Nothing lasts forever is the hardest lesson he’s ever learned. 
The Man Who Wasn’t There - “She saw him again today.” 
Alaskan Inflation - “Is the universe about to implode or is there goin’ to be an alien invasion?”
Two Truths and a Lie - Nothing stays forgotten forever.
What If? - Like most discoveries, especially the most important ones, it starts with a question.
Unexpected Gifts - Sometimes time gives back what it takes away.
Ephemeral - I’m talkin’ to a ghost. A bloody ghost on the TARDIS. I’ve really lost it now, haven’t I? 
The Greatest Tragedies - “How long are you gonna stay with me?” 
Achilles’ Rib - Rose finds the Doctor’s weakness. Well, one of them. Banana daiquiris may be another, but that’s an entirely different story…
Finally, It Happens Here - A party. A mission. Moonlight, and a handsome man paying Rose a bit too much attention.
Can you guess what happens next?  
Like it Burns - “It’s been a year and the sand still feels like it’s haunted by the image of him—standing, saying her name.”
Easy like Chuck Taylors -She’s sitting in a puddle of something (god she really hopes it’s water or oil or something normal for once) and the palms of her hands are dirty and gritty and she’s sure there’s something unidentifiable lurking in her hair when he says, “Yes, same dungeon, this is.”
It’s here in your perfect eyes - Some days he holds her hand a little more tightly.
Bursting - it used to be so different with them.
A Fair Compromise - Jackie Tyler finds the Doctor and Rose in a compromising situation… Well, more than one really. 
Bedside manner - The Doctor has cornered a fearsome beast in the TARDIS, what should he do with it?
Dark, dank and somewhat gloomy - When the Doctor takes Rose through a shortcut, does he realise that a dark, dank forest isn’t the best of places. Or is it? 
Not so old - The Doctor finds a grey hair but does he feel old? Ask Rose.
What the Doctor ordered - Every woman needs her Doctor at that time of the month.
Crimson - There was a moment when they could have stopped, when Rose’s bright red dress was simply pretty, when the Doctor’s black on black swashbuckler costume was merely appealing.  That, however, was long before they’d left the party, and more to the point, before Rose had been carried out of the party kicking and screaming.
Just Ask - A visit with old friends prompts a personal discussion for the Doctor. The prelude to a famous question.
Other Plans - The Doctor’s in trouble and Rose is only trying to help him. Her plan goes awry, but the Doctor makes sure she’s fine with that.
Untitled - Dancing, close and slow.
Paraselene - Rose reflects, somewhat darkly, on her relationship with the Doctor. 
Adventus - The Doctor regains his hope.
The Briefest Moments - The Doctor and Rose meet Sherlock Holmes…
The Clear Picture - The discovery of some racy pictures leads to an encounter Rose never could have anticipated.
On Purpose - Rose is sure the Doctor is doing it on purpose. 
On Sanctuary Base Six - “He’s not hard to look at, that man of yours,” Ida said, while they broke their fast in the cafeteria together.
Perfect Afternoon - The Doctor and Rose cuddle and are generally cute.
Relativity - On a cold October evening, the Doctor and Rose spend some time in an abandoned playground and discuss life, the universe and everything.
Savor - Just a little drabble about oral sex.
Setting Cultural Norms - Rose’s Aunt Flo has come to visit and the Doctor sticks his foot in his mouth.
String Theory - Shippy science is the best kind of science. The Doctor explains string theory.
Synonyms - The Doctor borrows one of Rose’s Harlequin romances and makes a discovery.
What if? - The Doctor wonders what if he had a normal life?
Of fairy tales and fantasy - Deep inside, she knows that he will never be the type that will bring her flowers or coax her with wine as an expression of his feelings.
A Sprig of Poisonous Berries - Rose, the Doctor, and mistletoe.
Everything That Couldn’t Be - Rose as the Bad Wolf saw everything that is, everything that was, everything that could be. But did she see everything that couldn’t.
For Want of a Tie - Rose thought she was going solo. The Doctor had other ideas.
Sticky Situation - Rose needs a seat. The Doctor offers one.
To hope for more than this - Oh, she knows.  
On the Wind -  In which Disney is quoted and dandelions are discussed at length. A snapshot from the lives of the Doctor and Rose.
Comfort in Silence - In the aftermath of the impossible planet, Rose’s dreams turn to nightmares that haunt even her waking hours. Unfortunately her only form of solace is the Doctor and he can’t quite understand the capacity she needs him in to chase the shadows away.
Half a World Away - This – he thinks – this is the most amazing feeling in the world. To want and miss somebody for so long and then to know that finally, finally you can have them. And even better, to not be afraid of wanting them.
That Face - Episode tag to the Idiots Lantern in which the Doctor is doing some reminiscing and gets caught out staring, Rose teases him, there is some post match analysis and a quiet and undefinable moment.
The Obligatory Reunion HuggingExactly what it says on the tin. Between the Doctor’s quasi-regeneration and the TARDIS being transferred to the Crucible there are many hugs, non linear first meetings and a much anticipated reunion that we didn’t get to see on screen.
(Can’t) Let Myself Fall - She fell away from him in the white room but instead of letting go and falling too, he holds on even tighter. This is how he loses her.
Days of Our Lives - In which Rose remembers that she has a gigantic honking gun on her hip and blasts the Dalek to high heaven before it semi-exterminates the Doctor.
Hand In Mine - She wants to tell him she’s sorry. Instead she steps forward and takes his hand. Double drabble as they watch the TARDIS burn.
All That We Could Be - But the sensation of time is…it’s like…well a pulse I s’pose. I can’t think of any other comparable sensation really. Yeah, a pulse. But the energy of it creates this erratic, pulsing stream of possible timelines literally exploding into being and then curling back around and into themselves and nothingness all at the same time. All these opportunities that don’t come to pass, choices made, questions answered, chances that are lost before they’ve even begun…
It’s a new life (and I’m feeling good) - In the days between Christmas and New Years the Doctor and Rose begin to re-learn each other and in the meantime, they discover that his new body seems to have several surprising new abilities including…re-plastering walls? But certainly not dancing, no definitely not – this Doctor will not be doing any literal or metaphorical dancing.
The Rose Nebula - The lights of the city are reflected in her hazel eyes but there are also beads of moisture clinging to every strand of blonde hair, every mascara blackened eyelash, every inch of skin and skerrick of fabric covering her. As they catch the light from the stars she sparkles, his own personal constellation.
What happens when the heart just stops? - He doesn’t know how to be in this body without her.
That’s chaos - The Doctor tries to explain chaos theory to Rose.
Put da lime in the coconut you drink ‘em both up - “You look like a raccoon,” the Doctor said gleefully. “A raccoon tangled up in a blonde wig.”
She’s touch, smell, sight, taste and sound (or five times Rose Tyler piqued one of the Doctors many senses) - There are so few truly perfect moments in life, but he’d definitely wager that this is one of them.
Here at the end of all things - On a cold beach in Norway she waits, and even before she sees the ghostly outline of her Doctor she knows he’s there.
All Hallows E’en - After catching the opening night of Phantom of the Opera the Doctor decides that they need to go to a masquerade ball, Rose massacres a dress, the Doctor then decides they should go to the Carnival of Venice and they end up in Missouri on Halloween. So, a typical day in the TARDIS really.
Kimo’s Rules - For a week after the Olympics they kept getting caught in storms.
Oh, this kiss! This kiss! - Turning to look at Rose, still gazing fondly at the message on the wall and biting her lip in that endearing way she has, he decides very abruptly to do something very foolish and not the least bit reckless.
Over the edge - Even in familiar places you can sometimes get lost.
The third kiss - He wants to kiss the real Rose Tyler.
Fireworks - Some adventures are quiet, like stolen kisses on darkened sidewalks.
Under the stars - They’ll always have the stars.
Wishes on falling stars - She’s always made wishes on falling stars.
Words unspoken - Rose has a habit of wandering off, but this time he’s angry with her and she doesn’t know why.
Love like summer - A broken-down truck leads to far more than anyone ever expected.
Worth the risk - If anybody’s worth the risk, it’s her.
Moments - We do not remember days; we remember moments.
Nobody ever comes for the art - Neither of them are particularly interested in the art.
Ace of hearts - Rose asks the Doctor to play poker, but it’s not quite what he had in mind.
New you, new me - She’s afraid that he doesn’t want her anymore.
Failed date number forty-two (and a half) - A nice dinner out gets out of hand. And buildings get blown up. It happens. But that doesn’t mean the date has to be over.
Idleness of summer - The best days are the ones in which there’s nothing to do except enjoy the company of one another.
Never let go - There’s a feeling of fear somewhere deep inside of her. It’s not a fear of him or of what’s happening, but of what she doesn’t know, the things he won’t tell her, the reasoning for his fear.
I am the bad wolf - The Wolf is always there, just under the surface.
Shortcut - It’s not quite the shortcut either of them had in mind, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter.
The stars are burning - She hears drums sometimes.
You are the stars - He’s not used to being afraid but things have been different ever since she changed.
Time is All Around - Even now, he only remembers it only in fragments. Splashes of stop-motion film. The sound is muted but his mind dubs in her voice and that of his former self.
I Was Asleep and He Woke Me Up Again - Just look at them, Rose. Twisting and twirling and whirling into the sky.
5 Ways Rose Tyler Nearly Left Him and 1 Way She Did 
And Old Chinese Merchants - Passing time in China.
Better Man - The Doctor is enlightened. Sequel: Better Woman 
Burn - Rose enjoys the view.
Pink Silk - Rose. The Doctor. A strip of pink silk.
Ghost Shift - What if things had gone differently at the end of Doomsday?
Those Things - Rose finds the Doctor; but he isn’t what she remembers.
If Today… - The Doctor has a burning question for Rose.
Five Times Domestic (Unnoticed or Unfazed) Five vignettes of domestication that were uncommented on.
Talk To Me - Rose is a bit drunk and wants to chat a while.
Lost - The Doctor can’t let go.
Her Name Was Rose - Some fairytales are true. Sequel: End of the Line.
Always Time - She is sure there will always be time to say what needs to be said.
Breathing - His favorite thing to do is listen to her sleep.
Salt & Sunshine - Every so often reality is better than dreams.
Propriety - They’ve never really been the type to conform to society’s rules.
Cold - She knows he will return for her, and so she waits.
Pink Silk & Golden Hair - She asks where they’re headed and he informs her that just around the corner is the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre, the date is December 18, and they are about to see the very first performance of The Nutcracker.
Forgetting how to breathe - All he has now are his memories.
So close - She’s back and almost close enough to touch.
A better life - He’s offering her a better life, but she’s not sure if it’s really what she wants.
The world in her hands - The world is all around and he wants to show it to her.
The universe must smell of jasmine - He brings the world to her in tiny little bottles.
Rose - She was just a girl in his dream. He never imagined she could be real.
One good memory - She doesn’t have a single good memory of a beach. He decides to change that.
The view from the top - She doesn’t want to leave the day behind.

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