I still can’t believe that scene happened. It was way better than I thought. She didn’t just asked him to take the cure with her, implying they could have a life together if they were both humans. She told him in details. She wants to grow old with him, be together for good. Forever.

Elena, the girl who never knew what kind of future she wanted, just declared to Damon she wants to be with him forever.

She didn’t want the future planned out. She told Damon that would always be Stefan, but she never told Stefan that. And when she got the opportunity to do it, instead of reassuring him she’d love him always even if she never turned, she told him she wanted to have a life of choices about growing up, getting married and having kids. Just the way she described her doubts in 2x20 about love and her future, Stefan didn’t fit in these plans at all. Just like Matt.

But Damon. Oh, Damon. Her feelings for him are so real, so stronger than anything she felt before just makes her sure about what she wants. You can see this is in her mind since she got together with Damon and as she learns more about herself and her feelings for Damon, she’s more certain Damon is the one for her. She wants him to be human with her. She wants him to grow old with her. She wants him to have forever and hearing Elena saying that is fucking huge. I can’t even put it in words. 

Elena just told Damon he’s the one. She proposed to him in an indirect way. As a character growth this is amazing. This moment was game changer. Elena is deadly serious about Damon, like she never have been before.

It’s stunning.

The sad thing is that Elena is the only one who believes they work.

And people ask me why Delena is endgame.

I think the answer was all over today’s episode.

Julie Plec, you’re the Delena Queen and I love you.

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