"The point of fics set in alternate universes are to show that no matter what setting or circumstance, these two people will always find each other. I will find you. Every me loves every you."

Me ranting to Tati (tsuritamagotchi) two nights ago (via serenityundrage)

This is exactly the way I think of AUs, too.  The last two sentences, though.  Wow. So few words to just choke me up, there.  <3 (via random_nexus)

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Ironic cause Jenna coleman was in Captain America . lol
- Anonymous

oh yeah i know, which was one of the reasons i picked her.

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I just saw your post about AU Female Bucky would be Jenna Coleman, HEADCANON ACCEPTED!!! IT IS PERFECT!!!!! JENNA IS TINY AS IN SHE'S THIS ADORABLE LITTLE PIXIE and then CHRIS EVANS, he's a giant!!! Shit that gave me feels all over!!! Do you know of any fics where Steve introduces Bucky to the avengers after the events of tws?????
- Anonymous

I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW tiny and cute bucky with dresses and running after steve all the time :3 and she always wanting to talk to him and asking him to draw her and dance with her and then she kisses him and oh my, bucky is so pretty but only have eyes for bony stevie. and the guys are jealous of him and bully him, but that only makes bucky dislike them more cause wow wow this is steve. and imagine her reaction after the serum? lbr, she’ll enlist too and be like peggy and the two of them will be friend because peggy is awesome lady and bucky is the captain america’s sweetheart :3

and wow i read many fics with avengers + bucky. i can’t remember any title now, but like you can search here for all the fics i read. i’ll save more later. 

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In addition to the tags on your post of Stephen and Mavi, Oliver definitely sends Felicity selfies during the work day. And the big bad arrow can work out for hours and fight criminals all night long but taking care of his daughter tires him out and he's usually caught napping with his daughter on his chest (or on his back because that picture of Stephen with Mavi on his back is too funny) when felicity comes home. Some days she wakes them up, some days she joins them
- Anonymous

she’s totally daddy’s girl. she reaches out for oliver for almost everything. he’s the one who calms her down, he’s the one she talks first about a pretty girl of school and she asks him to learn archery cause she wants to be like merida. he learns how to do pigtails, ponytails and learns how to be patient about shopping. 

obviously, with felicity she likes the clothes and the hair and computers.she loves technology, so felicity sets up a workshop and they spend hours every weekend creating stuff and robots, etc.

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When I was in Florida last week I saw a car shaped like a banana. This is every picture I could get of it. 

is that Florida Man

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Stephen and your baby Mavi.

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by sam wilson (and sometimes natasha)

LISTEN |download: part one part two (contains 13 additional tracks)
eras: 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s | 2000-2009 | 2010 - current

♫ hey ya! | outkast
♫ mr. brightside | the killers
♫ i’m not okay (i promise) | my chemical romance
♫ just dance | lady gaga
♫ pocket full of sunshine | natasha bedingfield
♫ helicopter | bloc party
♫ i gotta feeling | the black eyed peas
♫ here it goes again | ok go
♫ hit ‘em up style (oops) | blu cantrell
♫ hollaback girl | gwen stefani
♫ i believe in a thing called love | the darkness
♫ i try | macy gray
♫ independent women | destiny’s child
♫ joker and the thief | wolfmother
♫ knights of cydonia | muse
♫ kryptonite | 3 doors down
♫ bye, bye, bye | nysync
♫ apple bottom jeans | t-pain
♫ hips don’t lie | shakira
♫ l.e.s. artistes | santigold
♫ my girls | animal collective
♫ lady marmalade | christina aguilera, lil kim, mya, missy elliott, pink
♫ no one knows | queens of the stone age
♫ b.o.b. | outkast
♫ paper planes | m.i.a.
♫ last nite | the strokes
♫ let me blow ya mind | eve ft. gwen stefani
♫ oops! …i did it again | britney spears
♫ like a stone | audioslave
♫ my humps | the black eyed peas
♫ party hard | andrew w.k.
♫ live your life | t.i. ft. rihanna
♫ little lion man | mumford & sons
♫ the middle | jimmy eat world
♫ 1901 | phoenix
♫ lose yourself | eminem
♫ stronger | kanye west
♫ the seed (2.0) | the roots
♫ milkshake | kelis
♫ new slang | the shins
♫ numb | linkin park
♫ party in the usa | miley cyrus
♫ poker face | lady gaga
♫ promiscuous | nelly furtado ft. timbaland
♫ rehab | winehouse
♫ running away | hoobastank
♫ seven nation army | the white stripes
♫ since u been gone | kelly clarkson
♫ sexy back | justin timberlake
♫ single ladies (put a ring on it) | justin timberlake
♫ stacy’s mom | fountains of wayne
♫ such great heights | the postal service
♫ we belong together | mariah carey
♫ the light | common
♫ welome to the black parade | my chemical romance
♫ the pretender | foo fighters
♫ she wants to move | n.e.r.d.
♫ tik tok | kesha
♫ toxic | britney spears
♫ try again | aaliyah
♫ mundian to bach ke | panjabi mc
♫ umbrella | rihanna
♫ smooth | santana ft. rob thomas
♫ work it | missy elliott
♫ the way i are | timbaland ft. keri kilson, doe, sebastian
♫ crazy | gnarls barkley
♫ 1,2 step | ciara ft. missy elliott
♫ bootylicious | destiny’s child
♫ the way you move | outkast
♫ yeah | usher
♫ use somebody | kings of leon
♫ all the small things | blink 182
♫ rebellion (lies) | arcade fire
♫ dirt off your shoulder | jay z
♫ golddigger | kanye west
♫ are you gonna be my girl? | jet
♫ bad romance | lady gaga
♫ don’t tell me | madonna
♫ the rising | bruce springsteen
♫ back to black | amy winehouse
♫ bag lady | erykah badu
♫ before he cheats | carrie underwood
♫ bring me to life | evanescence
♫ chasing pavements | adele
♫ clint eastwood | gorillaz
♫ beautiful day | u2
♫ american boy | estelle ft. kanye west
♫ crank that | soulja boy
♫ wolf like me | tv on the radio
♫ crazy in love | beyonce ft. jay z
♫ cry me a river | justin timberlake
♫ d.a.n.c.e. | justice
♫ boulevard of broken dreams | green day
♫ do you realize?? | the flaming lips
♫ don’t cha | the pussycat dolls ft. busta rhymes
♫ don’t know why | norah jones
♫ bleeding love | leona lewis
♫ dance, dance | fall out boy
♫ drop it like it’s hot | snoop dogg ft. pharrell
♫ family affair | mary j. blige
♫ evening on the ground (lilith’s song) | iron & wine
♫ float on | modest mouse
♫ get by | talib kweli
♫ get the party started | pink
♫ get your freak on | missy elliott
♫ get low | lil jon
♫ maps | yeah yeah yeahs
♫ standing in the way of control | the gossip
♫ harder, better, faster, stronger | daft punk
♫ take me out | franz ferdinand
♫ clocks | coldplay
♫ kids | mgmt
♫ can’t get you out of my head | kylie minogue
♫ white winter hymnal | fleet foxes
♫ wake up | arcade fire
♫ hurt | johnny cash
♫ empire state of mind | jay z ft. alicia keys

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How can we not love Stemily brotp?

And also not love them for filling us with Olicity feels?

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puzzledhats replied to your post: allstartstofade asked:I’m not say…

I’m not saying I started writing it, but I totally started writing it. Why would you guys reblog that!!?!?!


allstartstofade said: school is ruining my ability to write right now and it’s the most unfortunate thing.

I feel you!!! In two weeks I’m gonna give my first class ever, so I’m doing stuff for it o.o

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One of the best visual representations of the double standards subjected to all women on a daily basis. Reconsider the next time you toss about the words in column 3.

this is important

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And I would give the world to you [x]

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This dog was unable to gaze at his beloved cat due to some menacing potted plants, but true love won in the end.  


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Learn how to braid your hair like the ladies in Game of Thrones.

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Music rec for this John Legend - All of Me

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